Notebook "Norsk diktat og stil", 5th grade, 1983/84

Rune Jensen Falch


A notebook of mine from the 5th grade, the school year 1983/84, written for the course in Norwegian at Kila skole (Kila elementary school just outside Harstad in Northern Norway). The notebook largely contains handwritten exercises in the form of dictations (including a poem by Norwegian author Einar Økland), some sentence analysis, conjugations, orthography and grammar; moreover, two short biographical essays on early childhood memories and two short essays on my favourite author at the time, Franklin W. Dixon; a cross-word; and finally a couple of feeble attempts at rhyming poems about winter...


1984; Norwegian; essay; dictation; elementary school; short-story; cross-word; Franklin W. Dixon; Einar Økland


Franklin W. Dixon [pseudonym for Leslie McFarlane] (1927-) The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories novel series. Translations into Norwegian, unknown editions.

Einar Økland (year unknown) "Eit lite ønske" [sic!], poem from unknown work.

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