1st grade, Religion

Agata Miklaszewska


L:1 (Lesson one without title (about three main attributes of God), L:2 (without title about angels), L: 3 (without title about the creation), L: 4 (without title about the soul), L: 5 (without title about the sin), L:6 „Kain i Abel Składają Panu Bogu ofiarę” (eng. Cain and Abel are making a sacrifice to God), L: 7 „Ocalenie Noego” (eng. The salvation of Noe), L: 8 „Ofiara Abrahama” (eng. The sacrifice of Abraham) Gwidon Miklaszewski’s (http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gwidon_Miklaszewski) drawing L: 9 About Joseph the Egyptian, L: 10 (continuation about Joseph) (Gwidon Miklaszewski’s drawing), L: 11 (without title polish version of ‘Christus vincit’ one of the oldest Christian song), L: 12 (without title  about divine providence) L: 13 (without title about Moses and the attributes of God) L: 14 (without title about the ten commandments) L: 15 (without title about prayer) L: 16 (without title about the third commandment L: 17 (without title about caring about animals) L: 18 (the fourth commandment) L: 19 (without title continuation of the fourth commandment) L: 20 (repetition of Lesson 17 about the relationship with animals (appraisal of the teacher 5 = A level in the polish rating system) L: 23 (the establishment of the Church) Reference to the actual pope John XXIII L: 22 The sixth commandment L: 21 (without title, drawing) L: 24 (without title, drawings) L: 25 (the third ecclesiastical precept: fasting) L: 26 (without title about sin) L: 27 (without title about the Holy Sacrament, Gwidon Miklaszewski’s drawing) L: 28 “Komunia Święta” (eng.the Holy Comunion) L: 29 (end of the year timetable, arrangements before first communion(?) (last page upside down notes for the description of Władysław Umiński’s  “Samolotem naookoło świata” (Around the world by plane)– polish novelist for children  (1865-1954)


1958; Bóg; przykazanie; grzech; ofiara; modlitwa; sumienie; sakrament; kochac; byc poslusznym

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