alte Schulhefte

Still have Schulhefte (school exercise books) containing assignments or notes from grades 1-12/13? Please think twice before you throw these away. They are valuable records: curriculum, pedagogics, contemporary topics of interest and events.  They reflect what one thought, what one did, and what one thought one was supposed to think, or write. If accompanied by illustrations, they show how one visualized the topic at hand. In short, Schulhefte report how it is or was then, at school, at home and in the world.

"alte Schulhefte" aims at providing current and coming generations with a key to our present and the past: its practices, feelings, thoughts, events, attitudes, and in particular its childhoods. This is interesting and valuable not only to those who like to remember, but also to those who like to learn: professional researchers, teaching professionals, curious kids, and open minded adults. The contributions on "alte Schulhefte" can currently be browsed by Issue, but also by Author and Title (see the "Browse" navigation block in the right sidebar). Further browsing and filtering options (like language; geographical area; timeframe; subject ...) will be added. "alte Schulhefte" was created in 2013 by Alois Pichler and is now run and developed further by Alois Pichler in cooperation with Ulrike Handelshauser and Max Hadersbeck from the Centrum für Informations- und Sprachverarbeitung (CIS) at the LMU Munich.

If you have Schulhefte, old or more recent ones: consider whether you would want to share them with the world, the current and the coming one. Register as an author, scan and submit them. For reading and browsing, you don't need to be logged in; for submitting a contribution, you do. Any language, any part of the world, any culture, and any period are good. If appropriate, your contribution will be made available Open Access on this site and under the following Creative Commons General Public License: Attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivatives version 4 (CC BY-NC-ND).

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